Thursday, 22 May 2008

Counting My Blessings - the pros and cons of them

  1. After 6 weeks of no longer using my fingernails as 'tools' and taking care of my cuticles I no longer feel ashamed of my hands when I am learning how to play Bridge. But I now have to do that prissy ladylike way of holding things and pushing buttons with the pads of my fingers to preserve my long nails. I also keep hitting the CAPS LOCK button by mistake with my longer finger nails.

  2. Financial worries have eased somewhat after receiving Carer's Allowance. But I don't get time to go out to the shops to spend any of it - apart from Boots Chemist for nail care products.

  3. I have bought a '3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation' CD. But I've listened to it 4 times and only finished step 1 so far - on step 2 I keep falling asleep. Heaven only knows what step 3 will do to me, if I ever get that far.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Speaking for Myself

'Speaking for Myself' is the title of Cherie Blair's book which apparently has been rushed out earlier than the planned autumn release date. Perhaps she is worried that by the October no-one will have £18.99 spare cash left to waste on a work of fiction/faction. Speaking for Myself I find the idea of reading 'Speaking for Myself' by Cherie Blair to be a complete waste of time. It sounds as if she is trying to get us to like her and see everything from Tony's point of view. But all it appears to do is highlight how greedy, vulgar and self deceiving the woman is. Cherie must think we are all less than intelligent. Why should we believe any of this? After all she has admitted she is not incapable of telling 'pork pies'. Her husband is also a stranger to the truth. She only confessed to fibbing when 'found out'.

Speaking for Myself I'm also amazed that she was so embarrassed by being found to have a 'contraceptive' device in her luggage that she decided to leave it at home. Why not carry it in her handbag? Being such a devout Catholic female maybe this was the contraceptive device she chose for Tony to use.

At least this latest outing of the B Liars serves to remind us of just how grateful we should be that bungling Gordon 'Prudence' Brown did manage to remove Teflon Tony and the 'Cat Trainer' from office.

Update: 16th May - and who would like to guess just who this eager beaver of a reader and reviewer on the Amazon website is?? Me thinks it is probably a publisher/editor desperate to get the sales up - or maybe even a 'pen' name of Cherry Booth/Blair QC.

I agree with the Judge who thought she should resign as part- time Judge. Imagine standing in court and having this loose mouthed loose morals female pronouncing Judgement on your behaviour! HUH!

Smile and be Happy

Friday, 9 May 2008

London's Pride

London Pride is such a simple little plant. So often taken for granted as ground cover. But if you get down, up close and personal you will see it has such an intricate flower. It really is amazing.

Friday, 2 May 2008


No matter how bad life appears, you know there is always someone worse off than yourself. But we should act with dignity and grace at all times.

It's amazing - if only we could see ourselves as others see us!