Sunday, 16 May 2010

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Let's Have Ed Milliband for Leader

I've just left the following comment on this website: if you agree then go on over and let your views be known.

"I recently left a comment on “Wife in the North” Blog that I felt Ed Milliband would be the best Labour leader by far. I feel he ‘connects’, speaks normally, naturally and lucidly.

However, having just seen his opening speech of the campaign I’m VERY disappointed to see him using lots of strange arm movements and stabbing hand gestures. Maybe he was anxious or over keen to impress." (It looks even more bizarre with no sound on)

"Please Ed, just act naturally. Only use your hands if it’s natural to you but don’t study it – it reminds me far too much of Actor Tony B Liar and Gordon Brown’s spookily strange grinning. This didn’t look at all natural or relaxed to me. It’s your words, belief system, values and integrity we want to know all about. Don’t disappoint me at the first hurdle.
Good luck. From a floating voter."

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Well at last Gordon Brown and Labour/New Labour have left the stage.

As Cameron arrived at Buckingham Palace to form a new Government there was a rainbow in the sky. The Sky cameraman filmed it but no one remarked on it. I felt it was a sign. I just hope it was a good one.

I haven't been impressed by the way the Lib Dems have handled these coalition negotiations. I feel rather let down by Nick Clegg. I'm certainly against voting for them in the near future.

So I'll keep my fingers crossed that Cameron's Govt can do what is needed. I think they know what needs to be done but do they have the strength and the will to do it? My fingers are crossed.