Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I May Be Gone For Sometime . . .

I am worrying about my various email addresses/passwords as I am about to upgrade computer and change ISP. I am migrating. But when I leave this 'tent' I fear I may be gone sometime . . . .

Unfortunately when I started on this PC I was very lazy. Stupidly ticking the box whenever Windows 'offered' to remember a password for me. Lovely. But now I am facing one hell of a mess. The last time I changed ISP it was simple. I left a dial up account for broadband. But was able to retain various email addresses connected with the dial up accounts. Many of them go back years. Apart from one sub account I couldn't access. My husband's. It didn't matter how many times I counted up all the little ********** I still couldn't figure out the magic password. No matter he hardly ever emails. And it was easy to set up another account for him with our new provider. He hasn't used it once in 5 years so I wont bother when I move again.

I used to have some of the more important ones written down in an old ring binder. I can no longer find it. I fear now and must assume it was thrown out in our last declutter exercise. I'll be trying to use the old/new PCs alongside each other while I transfer and swap files around. It's a time consuming exercise. One I could do without right now. But this old machine is a bit slow, temperamental and getting full.

It will take me ages to sort out all my favourite typing shortcuts I set up in MS Office. Word Docs. For example it wont be until I'm in full flow in the middle of a letter - automatically hit one of my shortcut keys - such as 'alt+p+h' and the small telephone symbol fails to hit the page that I'll remember I need to set it up. Keys 'y+f & enter' and 'Yours faithfully,' springs on to the page: 'y+s' for Yours sincerely. All are quick easy time savers. But all will need initial inputting. Sigh.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Multiple Personality Syndrome

I have a problem. I have multiple personality trouble. I blog here. I blog there. And there and there. I Twitter. I am on Facebook. Twice. I am registered with Friends Reunited - twice or is that thrice? I think I have other forums - that's right I have a MySky too.

All is well until I have a senior moment. Then my memory fails me. I can't recall which email address/password combination gives me access to which account. I have a Facebook account which I've not been able to access for weeks. People may wonder what happened to me/her.

I wonder if that is what happened to Rilly Super. Perhaps she forgot her email and log in password. And now is happily blogging away on a fresh site. Who knows? I don't. Neither does any one of my other personalities . . . .

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Budget Day

Dear Darling Alistair
I'm so sorry you had such a horrible budget on which to make a speech. There isn't much you can say when the UK has gone BUST. Up to it's collective ears in Debt. In spite of the previous Chancellor boasting many times that he'd abolished the cycle of Boom and BUST. Gordon looked so happy at the end of your speech. Even the skin around his eyes crinkled when he grinned. I assume he looked happy that he was no longer in that post when the BUST hit the fan. Relieved in fact that he wasn't the one who had to deliver the figures himself.

But you looked so sad. You almost looked on the verge of tears. I think you should have squeezed in a few words to say that we are now BUST as the previous incumbent of your post failed to save for these rainy days. He enjoyed the BOOM but frittered it away. As he did with with the nation's gold reserves.

A Floating Voter

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Whistleblower by Penny Whistle Blower

I'm a Whistle blower. Although I signed the Official Secrets Act I am going to blow a whistle. It's only a Penny Whistle but here goes . . .

In the 1970's I worked for the Department of Health & Social Security when Sir Keith Joseph was the Minister in charge of the DHSS. I used to check the facts and figures as cases were prepared to prosecute Employers for the non payment of NI contributions deducted from employees wages. Once all the papers were checked the file was then passed on to an Executive Officer. Files then passed on to an Inspector who would take the case to the court.

Now, I have a work ethic. If my in box is full I like to clear it before I sit and have a chat. But my superviser complained that I worked too quickly. Would I slow down as he was unable to keep up with my output. He didn't like a teetering pile in his In-tray. Neither did I - that's why I worked quickly.

Also I was rather taken aback during my first year at the DHSS Regional Office in North London when in late January I was told that I'd not taken my quota of sick days. I was to be sure and get them all in before the end of March. I only survived there a couple of years. Even though I was only in my 20s it felt wrong to be paid so well for so little. I'm not a thumb twiddler. I like to keep occupied.

I doubt there has been much change in the Civil Service. I do regret now I'm a pensioner not staying on and 'playing the system'. I would have enjoyed the pension now.

Friday, 17 April 2009

3 Good Things

[1] My Stars on Wednesday say things are starting to look up for me and I'll get what I deserve. Lovely !

[2] I had half an hour to explore my favourite bloggers and their links. I came across this post- which made me laugh. A laugh a day keeps the doctor away. The blog itself looks interesting so I will return.

[3] I was pleased to find my 3 orchids are sending up new shoots, also that I've masses of new plants that have self seeded all over the garden and means I will have enough to fill in gaps created by losses due to the extreme cold over this winter and still have enough left over to pot on to pass on to friends or sell for charity.

Is that the longest sentence ever on this blog ? I believe so.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Greetings

Such a beautiful sunny spring day again today. I've spent much of my time in the garden admiring hundreds of self seeded hellebores and masses of primroses in every conceivable nook and cranny.

Happy Easter Greetings to you all . . . . .

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter Holidays

The weather has changed for the worse. Just as the second homers, the holiday makers and caravanners are beginning once again to clog up our small towns. Taking over the country lanes. Dominating resident drivers with their Chelsea Tractors which they have no idea how to drive now they're outside the confines of the big city.

People who feel the need to shout when talking with friends. Shrieking with laughter. 'Hooray Henrys' and their WAGs. destroying the 'peace and quiet' they say they appreciate so much. They look rather ridiculous and give us locals much entertainment. Especially the young women, teetering around the sea shore on their Jimmy shoes.

On a very cold, wet, misty Monday afternoon I remarked to a friend how busy it had suddenly become. She gleefully told me she is informing all the visitors she meets how awful the weather is now and how we'd been enjoying hot, sunny days for the last 3 weeks. But how pleased we are to see the rain as our gardens desperately need refreshing.

April Blessings

1st] The sun shining highlighting deep red of a hellebore:

2nd] The perfume from a Pieris in full flower:

3rd BT] The sound of bees busily exploring the spring flowers.