Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Brophy's Coffee Shop - Sad

I went again to Brophy's Coffee shop this morning. I had to go out to collect a prescription and to liberate some cash from my bank account. I thought I'd pop in to have a coffee for a treat. What a let down. What a disappointment. It was nowhere as nice as last year. The coffee was very thin, weak and watery. There was hardly a soul in there. I should have taken that as a 'warning sign'. If the locals haven't filled the place by 10 a.m. then it's not to be recommended. I didn't recognise the people working in there so it has obviously changed hands. If this morning was a yardstick of success then I guess it could well soon change hands again.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Birthday Treat

Today was my 59th birthday. Well yesterday to be precise. I see it is now 12.45 I write so I should have said 'yesterday was my birthday'. But as I've not slept yet I still count it as today. so .....

Today was my 59th birthday. How did I celebrate? You may well ask. I had an extra dose of cough medicine and plenty of decongestants thoughout the day in an endeavour to maintain breathing function. Next to eating it is my favourite activity. I allowed myself a break from a sensible diet and purchased a jam doughnut from the village baker. The texture was interesting. I don't know if it had any flavour. The decongestants don't work that well.

I had several cards and gifts but felt too tired to open them till 4 p.m. A strange birthday. And stranger still to think that this time next year I'll be 60 and a pensioner with a bus pass.

I am very tired after a week of coughing more than sleeping most nights. I feel as if could sleep for a week. But the decongestants have me all wired up...

Thursday, 21 February 2008

All We Are Saying ...

I just read in the paper today there is an online petition for those who wish to protest about the idea of Tony Blair's nomination for the President of the EC? For once I find myself in agreement. So I went to look for this petition:

"Petition [EN]: We, European citizens of all origins and of all political persuasions, wish to express our total opposition to the nomination of Tony Blair to the Presidency of the European Council. To sign the petition, please go to the bottom of this page "

Updated: 27th February Stinking Billy told me he couldn't find the link and i agree it was not very clear so here it is - i you don't want to read the pre amble click on this link to go directly to the petition: petition to stop Tony Blair nomination as EU president.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Iain Dale's Diary: More Money to Our Friends in the North?

Well - and what was I trying to say just now??

Iain Dale's Diary: More Money to Our Friends in the North?

Gordon Brown's Dignity and Respect for the Aged

Dear Gordon Brown,
What has happened in this country where dignity and respect for our older citizens is so appallingly lacking? Why does this old gentleman have to sell his home to get the money to pay for treatment to save his sight? Why should he have to go blind in one eye before the local PHT/NHS will try and save the sight in his second eye? Why is it the National Health Service is no longer national and it all depends on post code lottery whether you are lucky to get the best available treatment or not. I am beginning to think we should all up sticks and move to Scotland.

How short sighted of the local health service. Becoming monocular leads to trips, falls and other minor accidents like scalds. If you don't believe me [for those other than GB] then try wearing an eye patch over one eye for a month and log how many accidents you have. From trying to fill a mug with boiling water to negoitating steps - all become fraught with difficulty. The younger you are the more time you will have to adapt and the more likely the brain will be able to cope with the adjustment. But youth is not on the side of people with age related loss of vision.

Perhaps the health service doesn't care - if this gentleman needs help to live at home through loss of independence with failing sight then obviously that will be from a different budget - a local government social services budget - a council tax funded budget. Maybe all of us over 50's should rise up together and withhold our council taxes. We could always start up a U3A goup in the prisons where we may feel safer, warmer and better fed with excellent access to the Health Service.

Again yet another example of our non - Caring Government and Prime Minister.

Incredible and Unbelievable

It is incredible and unbelievable that a man serving a prison sentence for a violent rape is able to escape from hopital [for a second time] while he was undergoing treatment. Yet an elderly upright citizen of 76 years is led away in handcuffs to serve a prison sentence for non payment of Council Tax. I think this just about sums up the priorities of our government.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

BAFTA Awards

I Present The BAFTA Awards or The Bloggers Are Funny Talented Artists Awards. And The winners are:

[1] Strife/Wife in the North [like the horse and carriage, you can't have one without the other]

[2] Merrydaze - short but sweet - [may be unable to attend in person to collect her award].

[3] Richard Madeley - just because he's a Clever Dick

[4] Ramblings - naturally interesting

[5] Three Beautiful Things for inspirational and uplifting posts

[6] Mark Wadsworth - Gordon Brown' s prudent hairshirt

[7] Winchester Whisperer - a classy classical intelligent writer

[8] Celebrityblogspot - a writer's guild - well known celebs confess their innermost thoughts

[9] Mutleythedog - most original mind - thinking man's dog/thinking dog's man

[10] Vaguetarian restaurant - like the restaurant at the end of the universe - diverse n different

They are all Excellent Bloggers and I hope they keep up their Good work and pick up their awards soon.

BAFTA Award Ceremony

Gosh what a week. First the BAFTA's on TV then I acquire an award of Excellence and I've now been sent another award from retiredandcrazy .

As is customary at all Award ceremonies I would like to start with a small unprepared, impromptu, ' off the cuff', extemporaneous speech. [wipes tear from eye]

I have to thank Retired and Crazy for her nomination. [hugs award closer to bosom]

I would also like to this opportunity to thank my Mother in the the Production Dept: my Father as Co-producer, Director and Finance Director. My sister in her role of best supporting sibling. My husband and lifelong partner, from the day we first met. I want to thank him for providing everything I need - well nearly all I need ... but not everything I want
and last but not least the thousands of blog lurkers from India, Canada, U.S.A, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Bischofswerda Sachsen, and last but not least Milton Keynes.
Thank you all from the bottom of my huge heart.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Excellent Awards

Margot of a 'Mother's Place .... ' has kindly called in today to offer me an Excellent Blogger Award. Not being prone to hiding my light under a bushel (whatever that saying may mean; a 'bushel' of what? I mean isn't a bushel some kind of measure; that being the case what sort of light could you hide under it?).

I rushed over to collect it.

I gleaned from her blog that she was awarded this prize by a Maggie May (who I thought was married to Rod Stewart) but no apparantly she is just GrannieMay of 'Nuts in May' .

I decided to take one further leap back into the dark depths and found that Nuttie Grannie May received this award from another mother. There seem to be a lot of them out there in the blogosphere. This mother masquerades as a supermarket waxed version of bread.

At this point I was tired and exhausted from going back through the past. I've done my best and hope you'll find some worthy new blogs from my research. If you do pop in on them be sure to leave a comment as a small reward. I'll be going back to take a longer look.

All I have to do now is ponder on the question of who I should pass this award on to next ....

Thursday, 7 February 2008


If you want to relax and listen to Birdsong then tune in to DAB radio 's Oneword. No it isn't an audio book version of Seb Faulkes Birdsong. It is a lovely soothing peaceful rendition of bird song. Apparently, Oneword closed due to a lack of listeners. The few of us who listened were probably irritated by the fact that half a dozen plays/audio books were repeated several times during 24 hours. However, to have birds' songs playing in the back ground is a different matter. The station now has thousands of listeners tuning in. It is so soothing - especially if you want something to lull you to sleep.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Smutty MeMe

I don't know how many of you pop along to look at Mutley's blog (link's on the right under 'Some Amusing ... etc) but when I called in today I did find his latest post on a Smut Meme very funny. It made me laugh out loud. I recommend it.

For On-Line Friends

Hi friend - why don't you stop awhile here.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Guest Blog Spot February

I'm sorry that I've not had the opportunity to post properly the last few weeks. I've only had a few minutes snatched here and there. But I would just like to remind you all to check out the 'Guest Blog Spot' for February on the right hand column. They are all worth taking the time to visit.