Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Careers for Carers?

I'm not quite sure how this procedure will help careers? There is much that I would have undertaken to further my career. But I feel this procedure would have been a step too far for me.
Another example of the over reliance on the all powerful computer and spell check rather than employing a proof reader?

Save the Planet - or not . .

I've just completed my carbon footprint calculator. If you want to view my 'below average' results then click on WWF Footprint Calculator. Even though I am termed as a 'below average' polluter I can't help but notice a hectoring tone of 'you can do better'! I have no intention of changing my behaviour.

In fact to cheer Mr Gordon 'Boom n Bust' Brown up I have every intention of taking my car and going out on a spending spree as soon as my domestic circumstances allow. In fact a new car is one of the items on my list of 'to buy' soon.

If you are interested in seeing how green or not you are then the calculator can be found here. You don't have to register or log-in to complete the quiz.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Jenny a friend in Surrey has recently had an operation for a bladder problem. I haven't seen her for a long while and rang to check how she is after surgery. It's not a procedure I've heard of before and had to look up details on the Internet. Later when talking with a mutual friend we were wondering just how painful the recovery period will be. I was trying to say that sitting on her fanny could be pretty tricky for a while. But I found myself self censoring my words as I was talking with an older more ladylike friend.

Afterwards I had a vague memory that Fannies were women in one of the armed services. So I tried to do a google search. Eventually I found what I was looking for but not without many strange unrelated results.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Pensions Service

I spoke with a very nice young man in Swansea Pensions Service a couple of days ago. No wonder I'd had no reply. Gareth said they had received no letter from me. He was very helpful though and has forwarded a request to the NI Contributions section so that I can be sent details on how I can improve my pension.

I was hoping to organise a small party by arranging for friends to join me at one of the local pubs for a 'pensioner's lunch'. But as my spouse has been unwell I am reluctant to commit to festivities. Failing that I will take a short trip on the local bus - for free.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Pensioner's Perks

I'm gearing up towards becoming an official OAP. I've applied for my pension to start immediately after my 60th birthday. I've had my forecast (not bad but I wont be rich enough to buy you all a drink). Needless to say there are a few errors in my NI contributions and credits. But I've been far too busy at home over the last couple of weeks to get it sorted out. Well I asked them to re assess it a few weeks before Christmas and I've yet to receive a reply.

I'm about to complete a form and get photo ID for my bus pass. Whee . . . free bus travel. I'll be able to stand in the cold wind and rain while I wait half an hour for a bus that may have come and gone already( the hourly bus has an irregular idea of keeping to a schedule).

warning: For readers of this blog outside the UK I looked up OAP on Google and foundthe link at the end which is only for readers who want to broaden their minds, are already broad minded and definitely is not for animal lovers ... well it depends ... animal lovers

Friday, 9 January 2009

Laundry Woes

That'll teach me. I should have had more sense. Sense to consider that my husband has no sense. Recently discharged from a short stay in hospital he gave me a bundle of all his laundry. I didn't check it. All dark blue pyjamas and dressing gown were quickly bundled into the washing machine. At the end of the cycle I went to transfer them to the tumble drier and found everything covered in shredded paper, cotton wool and bits of tape and plastic. It took me ages to clean out the washing machine of all the debris. Even after tumble drying I've had to sit and pick of numerous bits from every item.

I said I was a fool not to have checked. Unlike trousers pockets I've never known anything to be in the pocket of pyjamas. He said that when the hospital ID tag, the I.V cannula and the dressings were removed he tucked them into his pockets! I'm always telling him his idea of tidiness is not the same as mine.

He was away from home 3 days. My 3 BT's for the time I spent alone are:
  1. long relaxed deep sleep undisturbed by sleepless spouse
  2. eating my favourite meals - being surprised that I choose vegetarian when alone
  3. reducing the room thermostat from 20c to 15c, putting on winter clothes and feeling much clearer in the head for the cooler temperature.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Gloom, Doom or Silly Verses

I met friends for coffee yesterday. One of our party was full of Gloom and Doom. He kept singing 'folkie songs', songs from the first World War and quoting gloomy poetry.The rest of us were trying to start the new year with a lighthearted atmosphere. To make everyone laugh I quoted:

"I went to the pictures tomorrow
And sat in the front row at the back
I fell from the pit to the gallery
And broke a front bone in my back"
I wanted to know whether anyone knew where it came from. The older members in our group looked blankly at me and said they'd never heard it before. One other, Jenny who is the same age as I, knew it. Neither of us know it's origins. I had wondered over the years whether it was something my father and uncle had made up to amuse us as children. But obviously not.

I also remember a bit more of nonsense verse and am not sure if it is connected to the first verse or a separate rhyme

"I went round a straight crooked corner
To see a dead donkey die
I pulled out my knife to shoot him
And he kicked me right in the eye "
I'm also groping around in my memory for another verse along the lines of "sixpence and a crooked house"? Does anyone remember them and any other similar rhymes.