Friday, 9 January 2009

Laundry Woes

That'll teach me. I should have had more sense. Sense to consider that my husband has no sense. Recently discharged from a short stay in hospital he gave me a bundle of all his laundry. I didn't check it. All dark blue pyjamas and dressing gown were quickly bundled into the washing machine. At the end of the cycle I went to transfer them to the tumble drier and found everything covered in shredded paper, cotton wool and bits of tape and plastic. It took me ages to clean out the washing machine of all the debris. Even after tumble drying I've had to sit and pick of numerous bits from every item.

I said I was a fool not to have checked. Unlike trousers pockets I've never known anything to be in the pocket of pyjamas. He said that when the hospital ID tag, the I.V cannula and the dressings were removed he tucked them into his pockets! I'm always telling him his idea of tidiness is not the same as mine.

He was away from home 3 days. My 3 BT's for the time I spent alone are:
  1. long relaxed deep sleep undisturbed by sleepless spouse
  2. eating my favourite meals - being surprised that I choose vegetarian when alone
  3. reducing the room thermostat from 20c to 15c, putting on winter clothes and feeling much clearer in the head for the cooler temperature.


Retiredandcrazy said...

I'm with you on turning down the heat. OG insists on having it up high all the time. Since he has been ill I have relented though!

Stinking Billy said...

penny, I used to get into trouble for leaving paper handkerchiefs, etc, in my pockets, until I started doing the laundry a few years ago! x

ladythinker said...

I know what you mean RACrazy but since we've had the heat up since diagnosed with low thyroid few years ago I am wondering whether it doesn't help his burst blood vessels. Could the higher heat even be the cause?
St Billy - I would never have thought it of you. Now you are a man in a million.A 'new man' in fact. ;-) x

Maggie May said...

The times that I have had that happen to me! My husband's trousers & jackets have to be checked by me before going into the washing machine....... ever since a three inch nail went through the pump. I ask you!
Yes... turn the heating down. everywhere is ridiculously hot/

Author said...

I've lost count of how many times I've had to pick bits of tissue off laundry - trouble is I have no one to blame but myself - because my man persists in using real hankies!