Friday, 4 September 2009

Daily Diary Planner and all . .

I have a daily diary, a pocket diary, a calendar planner and a weekly planner.

The daily diary - a 'page a day' diary - is where I write my thoughts, the days weather and what I did during the day. It's my life in the past tense, intense, warts thoughts and all. Always written up with my first cuppa early the next morning.

My pocket diary '2 weeks to a view' goes everywhere with me. When I haven't mislaid it that is. I like to see immediately whether or not I can accept an invite to tea, party or play bridge. It has to be co ordinated with the 'month to a view' calendar planner which has an his /her morning/afternoon appointments grid. His full of his health care plan, therapy and hospital appointments and hers (mine that is) hair, dental, opticians, bridge lessons, book group, birthday, anniversary reminders, and where necessary taxi service to take my spouse to his various hospital appointments. The centre column of the grid is set aside for the household projects: gardener, plumber, decorator, recycling, landfill collection etc.

As soon as a date is agreed it has to be entered on the planner and then entered in my pocket diary. If they aren't co-ordinated all hell breaks loose.

At the weekend I then write the full programme out on to a new blank weekly planner sheet. Which I sellotape to my wardrobe door. That way I know where I am going and where I should be going after that. My favourite days are the ones that have a whole half day with a blank space . . .