Monday, 15 September 2008

Here and There

I am currently sitting in a Worthing hotel on the south coast. I've spent a week with my sister, seen nephews and niece and am about to visit an elderly aunt before I make the return trip home tomorrow. Last week with family was fun and gossipy but exhausting. I left the Croydon area at 10 yesterday morning and drove along with thousands of bikers down the A23/M23 towards Brighton. Apart from the sheer numbers of Bikers involved they all rode in a very considerate manner to other road users. I didn't realise how many differnt types and personal decorations one is able to get in the motor cycle world. Our builder who lives in Sidmouth is a biker. I kept expecting to meet him there. I didn't realise just how big an event it was until I checked the web.

I then enjoyed a quiet night in the hotel watching tv, reading and checking emails. I slept like a log for over 8 hours.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Red Van Menace

I know that if I had one of these Red Vans parked near my house I would organise a rota of residents to go out at night to paint over all the advertising. Or more subtlety still alter the mobile phone numbers so that his 'business' soon went bust. Maybe for good measure I'd smash the windows and remove the tax disc. At that point the local council may stir themselves and remove it.