Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Gordon Brown's Dignity and Respect for the Aged

Dear Gordon Brown,
What has happened in this country where dignity and respect for our older citizens is so appallingly lacking? Why does this old gentleman have to sell his home to get the money to pay for treatment to save his sight? Why should he have to go blind in one eye before the local PHT/NHS will try and save the sight in his second eye? Why is it the National Health Service is no longer national and it all depends on post code lottery whether you are lucky to get the best available treatment or not. I am beginning to think we should all up sticks and move to Scotland.

How short sighted of the local health service. Becoming monocular leads to trips, falls and other minor accidents like scalds. If you don't believe me [for those other than GB] then try wearing an eye patch over one eye for a month and log how many accidents you have. From trying to fill a mug with boiling water to negoitating steps - all become fraught with difficulty. The younger you are the more time you will have to adapt and the more likely the brain will be able to cope with the adjustment. But youth is not on the side of people with age related loss of vision.

Perhaps the health service doesn't care - if this gentleman needs help to live at home through loss of independence with failing sight then obviously that will be from a different budget - a local government social services budget - a council tax funded budget. Maybe all of us over 50's should rise up together and withhold our council taxes. We could always start up a U3A goup in the prisons where we may feel safer, warmer and better fed with excellent access to the Health Service.

Again yet another example of our non - Caring Government and Prime Minister.


teeni said...

That is so sad.

Winchester whisperer said...

Maybe he could compensate that man with a house he's repossessed from National Rock?

lady thinker said...

Yes it is teeni.

Win Whisp - not sure they'll have any houses to repossess - aren't they all part of the 'lucrative' Granite company that has been hived off to an off shore company somewhere where the tax payers can't get at it?