Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Early Start in Brophy's Coffee Shop

I was in town early this morning as i had to call in for an urgent prescription collection. So I called into Brophy's for a coffee and some breakfast. I had toast and marmalade. Huge thick chunks of locally made bread. The journey to town was a bit hair raising. So many of the mum's drop the kids off at school and set off again with a mobile glued to their ear. I saw at least 3 people driving one-handed within 10 minutes. Then on my way back home I was almost carved up by a young man in a black Honda as he swerved across the white line on the A3052 driving towards Exeter. As we passed I saw he was on the mobile phone. Next time I'll have the wit to take his number and blog about him and the mothers' on their return from the school run. So beware - if you drive and use a handheld mobile phone and live in East Devon watch this space. You may be named and shamed. Well, your car registration numbers could well be. Will have to check out the legal implications if I do this. Would it be libel or slander?

updated: Unfortunately since a change of ownership at the end of last year Brophy's doesn't have the stamp of approval from those that like good food and fine coffee. see:

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