Saturday, 17 March 2007

A TRIP on Sunny Saturday in Sidmouth

A lovely sunny afternoon so I got in the car and went to Sidmouth town for a walk along the seafront before the forecast cold snap sets in. Now if you are in any way less able - do not expect to be able to stride out safely and securely in Sidmouth town. It is lethal. The pavements are narrow and congested. Children's buggies barely fit on the pavements. The cobbles, tarmac and kerb edgings are a trap for the less nimble. You need a goat like ability to nip from one uneven bit of pavement to another. I tripped and slithered my way around. Came home with one wrenched shoulder blade, pulled thigh muscles and wrenched ankles. There are numerous raised (or rocking) paving blocks - all ready to catch out the less agile. It would be interesting to know how many are the cause of broken legs/hips/shoulders. How many folk fall over them and end up in hospital? how many people after a trip/fall sue the local council? how much of local taxes are lost due to paying out for compensation for poorly maintained footpaths? Surely the streets should be kept better than these? How do people in wheelchairs manage? The pavements all but slope as if attempting to tip you into the the road. I nipped sideways to dodge a mother with a child in pushchair. My ankle went over on a dip in the pavement - almost tipped me over into the path of a car. I wont return in a hurry. It's a shame as Sidmouth has some interesting shops. Devon Blogs

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