Wednesday, 28 March 2007

A Moving Story

We think that we should consider leaving the rural life and make a move closer to town. We are beginning to feel our age and want to move closer to facilities while we 'young enough' to cope with the trauma of relocating. But which town, is the question that is exercising our brain cells. We can't afford to keep moving if we make a mistake.

I've explored Honiton. Pros: Not too hilly. A good mixture of residents - i.e. it's not just for 'oldies'. There is a station. Cons: The shops are a bit disappointing; more antique shops than anything. I've not found a really good place to enjoy coffee and/or afternoon tea. Tesco's.

I've rejected Seaton as it still has a bit of a dowdy 'passed it's best' and "Kiss Me Quick" image.

I'm drawn to Sidmouth. But it is rather full of 'oldies'. Property appears to be more expensive. From the few places I've had a quick peek at, Sidmouth in Bloom gardeners appear to plant masses of bedding plants and cut the lawn with scissors. They are invariably so neat and tidy. No wonder it keeps doing so well in the Britain in Bloom Competition. Pros. A good range of individual shops. Plenty of tearooms etc. Fields. [especially the coffee shop - where the Tea is best choice] Waitrose. Some stunning scenery. Numerous clubs and societies. I wouldn't need to update my wardrobe many locals seem to favour fashions from 15+ years ago. Cons. where are dogs allowed to run free during the summer months? Tesco has a toehold in the town. No station. Very hilly. Probably noisier than country living.

I'll be exploring Budleigh Salterton next.

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