Thursday, 22 March 2007

Have Book Will Travel

I found an old copy of 'The Fancy' by Monica Dickens on my bookshelf the other day. It is a lovely old Penguin paperback. It cost 4/6 [that is 4 shillings and 6 pence - this info is for the younger readers - that is if there are any young people who read this blog ?] Or 4 an 6 as we would say pre 14th Feb 1971. If I remember my conversion tables properly that would work out at about 22.5 new pence.
I thought it would be interesting to set this book 'free'. I intend to leave it in a coffee shop in East Devon, UK with my email address and some information on Monica Dickens with it. And a note to ask someone to pick it up - read it and then leave it again in another public place. I'm hoping they will email me with where the book was found, where they left it and whether they enjoyed it. I'm intending to set up another blog page and will then post the information as it comes in. I hope I do get some feedback on its journey out in the wider world. I hope it doesn't just get binned. I hope some people enjoy discovering Monica Dickens. It could make for an interesting adventure to find out who picks it up, when where and so on. I will link with this blog when its released from captivity. I may call the blog 'Have book will travel' - I haven't fully thought it through yet. I see that some 27% of people think that Monica Dickens is one of the Icons of England. Having started work in the NHS in the 60s I found her book 'One Pair of Feet' very funny and true to life.

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