Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Elegant cat

Such an elegant cat. I'd like to say she's mine - but she isn't . Lady Lara's just a visitor who comes into our garden to bird watch. She has a stable mate - an all black, Plain Jane. Plain Jane is better able to chase birds and squirrels. She's faster - but as she has a collar and bell the element of surprise is missing. The birds have flown before she able to take more than a couple of paces. She has more chance of catching squirrels [or squeals as they're known in our family]. Plain Jane lies in wait below the sunflower seeds and as the squeal comes for the tree she pounces and they fly up the garden one after t'other at tremendous speed. Lady Lara is elegant and poised but she needs to keep to the roof top to avoid the dog. I think Velvet just wants to get close enough to sniff but Lara doesn't trust her.

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