Sunday, 25 March 2007

Mobile phones Nokia 6280

Well, I've had a couple of enjoyable days. A new mobile phone on a 'pay as you go' contract arrived by courier on Friday. A Nokia 6280. I had it set up and running within a couple of hours. A bit of confusion as I re-adjusted to the Nokia version of predictive text. A pity that mobile phone maunufacturers don't get together and have set keys for set functions. The first mobile I had was a brick sized phone from Alcatel. It was for 'emergency use' only. But when I did have a car break down miles from civilisation - there was no signal. Then I moved on to a Nokia when they used to be half-brick size, about 7 years ago. That's when I started to text. Became so familiar with the keys and being able to type messages with just a thumb that sometimes I found it difficult to re-adjust to QWERTY keyboard. Two years ago I progressed to a Samsung clam shell and had to learn a whole new set of keys for various functions. The down side was that the clam shell style had to be held in both hands - at least it gave my thumb a rest. As it was a camera phone I was able to add photos and music files to text messages. However, if folk on the receivng end don't have state of the art phones then wasn't much use to me. Finally I've reverted once again to Nokia, a slider phone. I think it looks quite stylish and have enjoyed exploring its applications and settings. As I'm on PAYG I wont have to worry if I connect up to the web on it and start browsing when stuck in a coach in a traffic jam. So have spent the last 2 days giving my right thumb a workout. All good fun and goes some way to keeping the brain active. I offered to buy my sister one of the same models so we could video call but she doesn't feel able to cope and wants to stay with her trusty mobile that's several years old.

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