Thursday, 29 March 2007

Beware of Fake Fur

There was an article in the Daily Mail this week that the 'faux fur' which is sold so cheaply is in fact often domestic cat/dog fur from China. In the USA there has been such an outcry over the inhumane killing methods following the release of a video [which sounds too horrifc to watch]. The US has clamped down on imports. But England and the EU do not have any laws banning imports of domestic cat/dog furs - so China will probably flood the European market with these distasteful items. If you are a cat or dog lover please do read the full article. Please consider passing on the information and ask that friends and family think carefully before buying any product that is supposedly of fake/faux fur. And if you are not an animal lover I assume you would not wish to perpetuate such a shocking and cruel trade.

The Daily Mail reported that:
"In America importing cat and dog furs into the country has been outlawed since 2000. But in the UK – a nation famed for its animal lovers – there is no law banning the import of cat and dog fur at all, making it even more likely that a similar scandal could emerge."

"Cat fur is soft and luxurious enabling it to be passed off as any number of more expensive furs. While German Shepherd is the most popular breed of dog because its long fur so closely resembles that of wild animals such as coyote or racoon. Labrador and Alsatian pelts have also been found."

As far as Im conmcerned I'm going to boycott all Chinese imports from apples, to underwear and will be writing to M&S , Sainsbury's and Tesco to name a few. I know that different cultures have different ways but surely all of humankind should show compassion and respect to all living creatures. I hear there are more shocking photos in today's Daily Mail - this time how the animals are caged and killed for the meat trade. But of course, in a country that holds human life cheap then they wouldn't consider the feelings of animals would they?

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