Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Age Concern and Mobile Phone Tarriffs

I worry about how difficult it will be to keep up with all the techno changes. I have visions when I'm 80 [ I hope to live that long] of having to order the basic necessities of life over the Internet. By basic I mean everything from from groceries and meals on wheels to help to getting off the toilet. By then it may be that the whole house will be wired with little cameras monitoring whether or not I'm still on my feet and breathing. I expect keyboards and mouse controls will be old hat - we will probably control computers by voice commands alone. A version of C3PO will probably gather me up in its arms and deposit me in bed all clean and tidy when I'm 90. Our own personal robots could be cheaper than having home help or carers calling. That's if we don't have euthanasia by neglect. Whichever the authorities decide will be the cheapest: a personal carer or a robot.

I've been struggling with mobile phone tariffs today. my phone is nearly 2 years old and not standing up that well - it keep malfunctioning. Texts getting lost and other minor mishaps. My dropping it a lot recently probably not helped it. I'm currently on a monthly contract and have decided to go over to Pay and Go. The choice is bewildering. But I've now made the decision and await a spanking new phone by post. Will try PAYG system and see if it is to my advantage. Will soon have a new toy to master. It set me wondering how old you have to get before you throw in the towel and decide all the bother of keeping up with the latest gadgets is not worth the bother. I rather enjoy it all - so long as I have the time to sort it out. I enjoy mastering new equipment.

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