Sunday, 11 March 2007

Counting My Blessings

  1. It's another sunny day
  2. South West Water - reservoirs are 100% full - shouldn't be a hosepipe ban this summer
  3. It feels warm and spring like - the buds are bursting and the weeds are a growing
  4. Hubby is feeling better today - health problems continue but mood is lighter
  5. I had a lovely long chat with sister in law - she is very supportive and understanding
  6. I had a glass of wine with lunch - Banrock Station, red blend, on offer from Sainsbury's
  7. I enjoyed Crufts on TV last night - terrier and hounds - my favourite classes
  8. I read "Walking Ollie" by Stephen Foster in 3 hours - amusing and moving - for dog lovers
  9. I have a whole shelf of unread books waiting for me - such riches
  10. I have good friends - far and wide
  11. I won £50 on the Premium Bonds - or did I mention that in an earlier blog?
  12. I have £50 that I can spend on yet more books

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Walking Ollie is good and light read cheery book. Also suggest you look at Marley and Me for really good laugh. When you are caring you need as much laughter as possible.