Monday, 19 March 2007

C & G's New Improved Direct Transfer service

Well, C & G may think their new and improved telephone service is better. Other people may think it is. But as far as I'm concerned it is not. I've found it very confusing. I was only trying to transfer some money into my savings account. I had 4 attempts. By which time I thought I had given over 4 too many of my 6 secret ID numbers. So I chickened out. I've opened a Post Office Instant Saver Account [which I think is going to be easier to use and a better interest rate]. The new C&G service has too many variable options and choices. Rather than dialling and punching in numbers for account and password via telephone keyboard this new system gives you the choice of voice or keyboard. It didn't hear or recognise my voice commands - "yes" " Yes" " YES I was yelling in the end - maybe because I was on speakerphone - but you need to be hands free to hold the account number and secret ID number - don't you? So then tried I the keyboard. 1 or 2 for Yes or No is easy - but *2 or *3 for go back or cancel [whichever way round it's supposed to be] started to tie me in knots. Every attempt I made I started to get closer to the desired menu layer - nearly there - but in my excitement I started to punch in the wrong amount - so confused I retreated once more and gave up. I used to find it such a fast, efficient and easy way to move money back and forwards to the bank. But after nearly 20 mins and all these phone calls it is no longer a short, quick exercise - so I'm sorry C&G - I will be emailing my opinion but my spare cash will now go to the PO account.

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