Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Dog Free Beaches

I see from the local TV news that there is some thought being given to banning dogs from the beaches all year round. Some thoughtless and careless dog owners don't clear up after their animals. But this another instance of the few ruining things for the many. Why rather than banning dogs can't there be more dog wardens and larger fines for people who allow their dogs to make a mess in public places. Dogs can be trained to go to the toilet on command. Or only in certain places. You don't see the Guide Dogs messing and spending a penny all over the place. No - proper training will ensure the dog is well behaved and clean and tidy. Now any one who has owned a labrador will know - they are born swimmers - nothing gives them more pleasure than a dip in the sea. So it will be rather sad for all the other dogs that enjoy a dip in the sea to be banned from beaches.

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teeni said...

Maybe it's the owners who should be banned and not the dogs? hmmm.