Tuesday, 27 March 2007

The Old Ways Can be Faster

Now it was several days ago that I decided to open a Post Office Instant Savings Account - at the moment it's offering a good rate of interest. I applied on-line. I've been waiting days for the 'completed application form and information pack' to arrive so that I could then deposit my spare cash in the account. Well, in the end I went to the Post Office. Filled in the application form. Wrote a cheque to go with it and handed all over the counter. I should now have it up and running within a week to 10 days maximum. So the on-line application hasn't been particularly fast at all. But being S**'s law - I bet it arrives via the post tomorrow. I know i'm probably being impatient. But I didn't want the money sitting in a current account earning only 0.00000001% [you get the picture] interest for many more days.

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