Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter Holidays

The weather has changed for the worse. Just as the second homers, the holiday makers and caravanners are beginning once again to clog up our small towns. Taking over the country lanes. Dominating resident drivers with their Chelsea Tractors which they have no idea how to drive now they're outside the confines of the big city.

People who feel the need to shout when talking with friends. Shrieking with laughter. 'Hooray Henrys' and their WAGs. destroying the 'peace and quiet' they say they appreciate so much. They look rather ridiculous and give us locals much entertainment. Especially the young women, teetering around the sea shore on their Jimmy shoes.

On a very cold, wet, misty Monday afternoon I remarked to a friend how busy it had suddenly become. She gleefully told me she is informing all the visitors she meets how awful the weather is now and how we'd been enjoying hot, sunny days for the last 3 weeks. But how pleased we are to see the rain as our gardens desperately need refreshing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny! I have been away and now that I am catching up on my blogging thought that I should drop by..
EEK love the "Chelsea Tractor" (I followed your links)..we don't call them that here of course but have far TOO many in our city.
INTERESTING how bad drivers they are here, too..
I hope that your weather is better today?
Ours has been awful all through the winter but the past few days have been lovely.
Take care!

ladythinker said...

Merri it's lovely to hear from you again - I'll pop over as soon as I can . . .