Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I May Be Gone For Sometime . . .

I am worrying about my various email addresses/passwords as I am about to upgrade computer and change ISP. I am migrating. But when I leave this 'tent' I fear I may be gone sometime . . . .

Unfortunately when I started on this PC I was very lazy. Stupidly ticking the box whenever Windows 'offered' to remember a password for me. Lovely. But now I am facing one hell of a mess. The last time I changed ISP it was simple. I left a dial up account for broadband. But was able to retain various email addresses connected with the dial up accounts. Many of them go back years. Apart from one sub account I couldn't access. My husband's. It didn't matter how many times I counted up all the little ********** I still couldn't figure out the magic password. No matter he hardly ever emails. And it was easy to set up another account for him with our new provider. He hasn't used it once in 5 years so I wont bother when I move again.

I used to have some of the more important ones written down in an old ring binder. I can no longer find it. I fear now and must assume it was thrown out in our last declutter exercise. I'll be trying to use the old/new PCs alongside each other while I transfer and swap files around. It's a time consuming exercise. One I could do without right now. But this old machine is a bit slow, temperamental and getting full.

It will take me ages to sort out all my favourite typing shortcuts I set up in MS Office. Word Docs. For example it wont be until I'm in full flow in the middle of a letter - automatically hit one of my shortcut keys - such as 'alt+p+h' and the small telephone symbol fails to hit the page that I'll remember I need to set it up. Keys 'y+f & enter' and 'Yours faithfully,' springs on to the page: 'y+s' for Yours sincerely. All are quick easy time savers. But all will need initial inputting. Sigh.

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