Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Book Group Whethering Heights

We had a rest from reading for the book group. We had been promised a much trumpeted 'BBQ Summer' as forecast by the Met office. Considering the Met Office is only located a few miles away - as the crow flies - just how could they get it so wrong? And considering they are unable to correctly forecast the near future then just how wrong can they be when warning us all of Global Warming??

Anyway - getting back to our Book Group. As it has been wet windy and cold we are going to read Judith O Reilly's book : 'Wife in the North'. At the beginning of September I'll find out what the rest of the group think of it. I still believe it is funny, touching, sad, funny again but nowhere near as good as her blog. If you happen to be new to Judith's blog be sure and read 'Strife in the North'. It's bestto read each of their posts in chronological order: first WITN then SITN as per these examples from May 2007.

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