Monday, 14 June 2010

I've been tagged . . .

I've been tagged by monalisa

1. Which holiday destination have you revisited again and again? Devon - which is why I'm so pleased to be living in East Devon, near Sidmouth.

2. Why did you start a blog? I was depressed with 'no fun' in my life. I could no longer share my thoughts with MyMan as he was ill, in pain and severely depressed. and I realised that I was more of a carer than a wife.

There's not much change nowadays apart from the fact that I have made more of an independent life for myself, found new interests and am better able to cope with the ups and downs of life - alone, more often than not.

3. What is your favourite TV programme? Damages

4. Red wine or white wine? Definitely Red, preferably Hardy's Stamp

5. What is the biggest lie you have ever told? "How lovely, what a surprise " meaning: 'I would never have have wasted money on this . . . '

6. Have you ever won money? £50 premium Bond prize - 3 times - over last 10 years on Bonds held for 30 odd years - not a very good return.

7. Your first childhood memory? Probably age between 3-4yrs Leaning over the end of my bed watching my mother bath my baby sister in the next room. In an enamel bathtub in front of a roaring coal fire in a room lit by gaslight: - also around the same time; pinching baby sister as she lay sleeping in the front garden in her pram.

8. Do you enjoy cooking or being cooked for? I love cooking. I only enjoy someone cooking for me if they use quality fresh, British reared/grown wholefood ingredients .

9. Have you every had need to call the fire brigade? Never. I've had a couple of kitchen pan/toaster fires in my time but I don't panic and just drape a soaking wet tea towel on top of the flames.

10. How many houses have you lived in? Am now on my 7th home

Now my own questions will require some thought so will I return to this part later.

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