Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A Few Household Tips

Well now Teeni, from over the water, sent this Good Household Tips meme my way. The idea is generally to pass along some household management tips .
  1. Keep a small bottle of pure Lavender essentail oil in your kithcen. If you burn yourself ( e.g. on the oven shelf in that little gap where the oven gloves don't reach) just grab that little brown bottle and a drop of neat lavender oil on the burn will immediatley remove the sting. It will heal super fast without leaving a scar. Read up on using oils safely as it is not usual to use them neat. Lavender should be used sparingly if you have high blood pressure.I can thoroughly recommend a book for learning about how to use essentail oils for all kinds of household uses from the laundry room, for health and first aid, to pest control and to make your own air freshener.
  2. A few drops of lavender oil in water will also take the sting out of sun burn - if you ever get caught out without sunscreen. Just lightly wring out a face cloth and pat on the burnt area.
  3. A wee drop of washing-up liquid spread over a bathroom mirror and vigorously polished off will stop that mirror from steaming up for weeks - maybe months - bit of hard work and elbow grease but worth the effort.
  4. For pet owners out there - to kill fleas that have been vacuumed up or to stop flea eggs sprouting (whatever the expression should be) place a cat flea collar in the dust collecting bag/bin of your vacuum cleaner. Renew the collar every 6 months.
  5. Finally this tip is a famous quote from Quentin Crisp. I've never been able to hold my nerve long enough to check out if it is in fact correct! "Dust doesn't get any thicker after 4 years"

Handing the baton on now to : Mopsa, Flowerpot, Mark Wadsworth and the Winchester Whisperer. I've included Mark as I don't see why this should just be a woman's thing.

Instructions for this meme:
Write your tip(s) with a link to who sent the meme to you, along with the instructions. They are better if they are your own discovery, or not widely known. Still, tips that make a difference to you are all good. After your tips, you may want to tag some fellow bloggers.


Anonymous said...

Oooh - these are great! I knew you'd have some I hadn't seen before! I love #3 and need to try it. Hmm - and I do have lavendar essential oil in the house. Thanks so much for participating, Lady Thinker! :)

Casdok said...

I love tips! As you mentioned lavender and fleas, i once read if you put some lavender oil on some tissue and put this in the hoover dust bag this also kills the fleas and makes the room smell nice when hoovering!

Flowerpot said...

I will get thinking but I am the world's worst on household tips!!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Aaargh! That is a challenge and a half! I did notice the trick with putting soap on mirrors ages ago. It's pretty obvious when you think about it.

toby said...

Glad you're feeling better.

Household management? Nope. No idea what you're talking about.

Mark Wadsworth said...


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Here from Winchester Whisperer's blog - you have a jolly one. Going to do the meme in a minute. I like the tip about lavender oil but the vacuum cleaner one assumes you use the machine!!

Stinking Billy said...

Mrs Billy isn't sure she is up to polishing the mirror 'vigorously', and tells me that she knows that 'whatever' is covered in dust in this house, she knows that it's clean underneath.

However, I am fairly certain that we will be in possession of a bottle of lavender essential oil before this day is through.

lady thinker said...

Casdok - not heard of lavender killing fleas - will have to research that one.

Well done Mark - brave man.Unlike tobeeee - shame on you toby - not even a few tips on how to place bets and win?

Welshcakes Lim - how nice to see you here. Will pop on by to see what tips you come up with in you are intending to play too.

St Billy - do thank Mrs for that gem - I'll remember that when i'm looking at a dusty surface.

So there teeni - now see what you've got us all doing...8-). x

lady thinker said...

Welshcakes - I had to go and see the type of blogger who might not use a vacuum cleaner and then i moved on and found out that Winchester Whisperer sends out sheets to be professionally laundered. I can see i should give up housework , go out and get a job to live in the manner to which i could so easily become accustomed.