Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Well What A Relief

Perhaps this makes up for my being only 2 thirds real:

People Definitely Like You

You are very well liked, and many people admire you.

You are friendly, well mannered, and fun to be around.

Of course, you're not perfect... but that's okay.

Your friends are usually willing to accept you for who you are!

What People Like About You:

People like that you give them support and strength. Friends know that they can count on you to be there for them.

People like that you're interesting and intriguing. You always have something interesting to say.

People like that you truly take and interest in them. Everyone likes to be liked!


lady thinker said...

I decided not to try the 'At What Age Will You Die?' quiz but its there if anyone is interested :-

lady thinker said...

In fact everytime I go back to this web site i never see the same quiz twice - I was going to brave the how old will I live to before I die quiz and found out that I am well balanced kind and caring etc etc just because I sleep on my side and that I am a 'bed hog' (I didn't need telling that!) - Well that's enough of mind games - all very clever but I'm off to bed now to sleep on my side for a good 8 hour sleep.

Anonymous said...

This is probably a quiz result that you should take personally.
People do find you to be quite annoying. And some people just simply dislike you.
The good news is that people probably dislike how you act... it's not about disliking who you are.
Try to be more polite, more attentive, and kinder. It will get you far!

What People Don't Like About You:

People don't like that you're not very interesting or engaging. You often bore them... and yourself.

People don't like that you can't defend your values and beliefs. You seem unreasonably stubborn.

People don't like that you put others down and like to gossip. They are worried that you also gossip about them!

What People Like About You:

People like that you take the them to get to know them and make a connection. You make people feel important.

People like that you give them complements. You make people feel good about themselves!

HUh? this quiz is so OFF!!!!!! :P
either that or people lie to me?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Kaylee's results. Now I'm afraid to do it. But I must say I do always find what you have to say interesting, Lady Thinker so I know it got that right! :)

Casdok said...

My result was the same as yours!

lady thinker said...

Well kaylee - thanks for sharing this with us - wow. Just remember it's a dumb computer result.

My husband used to do personality profiling when he worked. He claims it is impossible to be accurate without an interview and some human interaction to shift the bias of the result sometimes. They are good tests but need handling carefully and sensitivlely.

He tested me once when I was under great stress at work - I sounded as if I was a paranoid schizophrenic psycopath [I probably am! ;-)] Actually this was about the same time that I'd applied for a job I felt I had a good chance of getting - they did the personality test and refused to grant me an interview - perhaps they thought I might turn up wielding samurai sword!!

Good to see you Casdoc and Teeni - at least we now know they don't churn out the same result for everyone.

Richard Madeley said...

I didn't do so well...

merry weather said...

Sadly I am unable to reveal my results LT! The words stand-offish and boring are still visible in my mind (sniff), but it was fun!! I got the thumbs up otherwise...

Regarding your profile, yep, spot on I'd say :) I do like these quiz posts of yours, very jolly and cosy.

lady thinker said...

Well clever dick - the trouble is you never go anywhere without Judy - people probabaly feel they don't know the REAL you.

Merryw - you are too kind - standoffish - I can't believe it, perhaps you inadvertantly picked up the previous person results?