Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Spring has Sprung

Another beautiful sunny warm day.
Spring has Sprung.
Hellebores galore.
Nodding daffodils.
Birds flitting and flirting everywhere.
A quiet half hour sat outside enjoying the warmth from the rays of the sun.
Life feels good.


Misted Heather said...

Just found your Blog. Still finding my way around this program. I like this Blog of yours very much and will be popping in from time to time. May I thank you for visiting mine.

Anonymous said...

Too right Lady T... too right.

ladythinker said...

Misted heather - thank you.

Mutley - what a lovely surprise to hear from you - I hope life is treating you OK along the coast at Birdpot.

Just Be Real said...

Beautifuly photo. Thank you for sharing.

ladythinker said...

Thank you Justbereal. . kind of you to say..