Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Thank Heavens for Football

Thank heavens for football. MyMan is watching Man Utd and some Italian team kick a ball to and fro on some pitch somewhere. As he is happily absorbed in the game I have chance to come onto the blogosphere and cast around to see who has written what and when. I thought this rather charming new blogger - seems to be very youthful techie wise for an 'oldie'.

We've hauled some furniture around and made a wee slot for myself and my computer in the entrance hall under the stairs. I can be seen from the front door but if anyone calls unannounced I going to pretend I'm deaf. When I have a few spare minutes I'm going to make a sign that will tell callers I'm not the 'lady of the house' but the secretary.

I'm looking at all manner of ways of saving time. I now tell the charity shops that I'm a non tax payer just to save the few minutes from completing the tax reclaim form when I drop off donated items. I'm considering showering at night fully dressed so my clothes can be laundered at the same time. I read my book for the reading group while I stir the dinner on the stove. I read the daily paper while I'm on the toilet - after all it's crap news nowadays.

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