Thursday, 17 December 2009

I'm still here . . .

I'm still here . . . struggling to wave rather than drown. Keeping my head above water . . just.

3 positive things:
  1. I have joined a Bridge Club and have acquired an experienced player as a partner. I'm sure we will be a force to be reckoned with once I understand his bidding. And even more so when he understands I have moments of brilliance. As well as moments when I lose concentration. When I start thinking of all the chores I need to do. A consequence of which is that I find I'm not sure whether I'm playing in a Trump or a no Trump contract.
  2. The new car is wonderful. For such a large car [after my little Honda Jazz] it is very easy, relaxing to drive and manoeuvre around local towns. Unlike when driving the Jazz - drivers of 4x4s no longer attempt to bully me on the road.
  3. MyMan and I are still together.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Good stuff, although I personally prefer second or third hand cars.

Cranky Carer said...

Well done...especially for managing the 3rd one. Cars are much easier to deal with!

Anonymous said...

What is Bridge?

ladythinker said...

New year greetings to you all.
Thanks for calling in.

Hello Mark,I usually prefer 2nd hand cars too - that's why we bought a demonstrator. And as I usually keep a car for 6+ years will not be affected too much by depreciation and will have my money's worth from it.

Cranky Carer - it's been a near run thing at times ;-)

Mutley - shame on you have you never played Bridge? It's a sadomasochistic game played by ALL sexes - with it's own secret language along with lots of nudge nudges and winky winks . .
Go find a club and join in the fun there's nothing like it for sheer terror and to raise the pulse rate.