Friday, 1 January 2010


There is nothing like a new year to bring on a case of nostalgia.
I was chewing a chocolate coated toffee from the last of the Christmas sweet tin when 'Merry Maid' toffees came to mind and Iced Caramels. I've just looked up to see if Merry Maids still on the market. I find they are but now renamed and repackaged. They are now called 'chocolate coated caramels' and come in a boring gold wrapper.

I've just been for a spot of sweet shop nostalgia down old memory lane via the 1950s (no mention of my favourite Acid Drops which makes my mouth water to this day) and do you remember those chewy little milk bottles? Then on to the 1960s with coconut mushrooms and sweet tobacco. Sharpes Toffee Bonbons . . . mmmmm . Sweet Dreams are Made of This.

What were your favourites? Are they still in production or long gone from this list of goodies?


merry weather said...


Pontefract Cakes
Pear Drops
Aniseed Balls
Rhubarb and Custard
Sherbert Fountains
Fruit Salads
Black Jacks

I know of a shop that sells all these old fashioned sweets in paper bags. It's a little piece of nostalgic heaven!

Saw you tweeting and so popped over to visit. How nice to find yummy toffees waiting :-)

Happy New Year to you and hope all is well with you and yours...


ladythinker said...

Wishing you all you'd wish for yourself in 2010. It was a lovely surprise to find you here, Merry. X