Saturday, 23 January 2010

Maybe They Are Related

Maybe Brian May and James May are related in some way.

I've just Googled Brian May and James May to see if they are related in anyway. I watched 'Queen in Montreal' last night on Sky Arts. Once again I was struck by how much Brian May made me think of James May. So I decided to Google them to see if any family history is available on the Internet. All I found is that several other people have have the same idea. So I'm not the only person to see a strong similarity.

It would be very nice to see BBC TV conduct a "Who Do You Think You Are?" on them to see if they are linked - perhaps as remote cousins? Maybe.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Hmmm. Not as funny as your Ann Darwin, Alistair Darling mux-ip.

Apparently somebody asked one of them if they were related and he say "We may be, we may not".

Tor Hershman said...

Ain't we all distant cousins?

ladythinker said...

I have been very remiss and not checking this blog for several weeks. Thank for comment Mark.

Tor - point well made.
We'd could 'Adam and Eve it' (which is 'cockney rhyming slang for 'believe it')