Sunday, 11 April 2010

Gordon Brown's Experience

I know that Gordon Brown keeps telling us how he has the experience of getting us out of the financial mess he created. He may be right.

But let us remind ourselves a little of just how much he has mismanaged the country's finances in the last 13 years.
  1. Removed £5bn tax incentives from pensions and at one stroke ruined our country's previously much admired pension system within a very short time scale

  2. Sold our GOLD reserves when prices were at rock bottom - STUBBORNLY going against the advice of the Treasury Dept. A financial loss to us of £7bn. "The loss to the Exchequer is now twice as high as the Conservatives’ decisions over the Exchange Rate Mechanism on black Wednesday".

  3. Frequently tells us the immigration enriches our economy with workers spending their earnings on the local economy. When in fact most of them claim maximum benefits (e.g. child benefit) which they then send home to the family to enrich their homelands economy.

Reading this you may think that it doesn't directly affect you - but it does and it will. You'll have less money in your pocket after the election which ever party gets in.

But remember you have Gordon Brown to thank for the mess we are in. He has sold off and squandered our country's assets. Rather than saving some of the £5bn from the pension tax raid, or the £xbn acquired from the sale of gold reserves - not to mention £22.5bn raised in 2000 when he sold off the airwave licences to the mobile phone companies and although he promised PRUDENCE and an end to BOOM and BUST - he failed to save any of this ill gotten gains for a rainy day. Well it's been raining for a while now and it will only get worse.

Remember who you have to thank for this.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with all this and more - oh so much more...