Friday, 9 April 2010

Monster Raving Elections

One of our local councillors has re-released a recording he made, back in history, when he used to be an ordinary member of the tax paying public and a thorn in the b***side of the local council. He used to stand for election as a member of the Monster Raving Loony Party. The locals say that he once paid his local taxes by dumping a pile of horse manure at the front entrance to the council offices. He is no longer a rebel. He is one of them. Now he is just a plain old Con.

He appears to be a man of low ambition. His main focus during this latest election is that he would like to see his old record gain the number 10 slot in the hit parade. To this end there is a website with a link where you can listen to this re-issued offering here . . .

He does excite a lot of comment from the residents of Sidmouth - one of whom is SeeRed:
"However, in order to get councillors from the entrenched majority party to talk to him, he saw the light and was converted to Conservatism. He was (and still is) the County Councillor for the ward that includes Sidford and as such was responsible for highway matters, which are a County (DCC) not a District (EDDC) responsibility. During the entire 'long hot summer' of protest in the village of Sidford, Councillor Hughes was not seen once by any of the residents or shopkeepers who were protesting. He never even came to discuss the reasons for what was (by the standards of sleepy Sidmouth) a huge and unprecedented protest. This involved several village meetings in a packed hall, banners, placards, TV cameras and local radio. Councillor Hughes was invited to attend meetings of the Action Group, and did not appear. Hundreds of normally quiet residents, most of whom were near or over retirement age, attended protest marches".

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