Sunday, 30 December 2007

Blogs As A Memorial

I found a lively interesting and diverse blog a few days ago. But I was so sad to see from the final entry the blogger had died. I'm grateful that her daughter had taken the time to post a final entry informing all her mother's blog readers what had happened to 'Daisy'. I'm still trawling through reading some of her earlier entries. She was a very prolific imaginative poster. Beautiful photographs, stories, country and personal facts. Well worth a visit.

There are so many abandoned blogs out there. I can't help wondering what happened to their once keen creators. Hopefully bloggers will think about leave some way of allowing thier exectors to post a final notice when that day does come.

And also thanks to the bloggers such as MerryDaze who leave a postnote if they suddenly stop posting. One final message saves all your readers or friends on the blogosphere from wondering what happened to you.


Casdok said...

That is sad.
Like you said there are many abandoned blogs out there, makes you wonder.
I will go and check it out.

Winchester whisperer said...

Happy New Year Lady T!

rilly super said...

I'm afraid my own blog has probably qualified as 'abandoned' once or twice in th last couple of months Penny, but I hope to keep things more regular this year. It's the folks who read it like you that make it come back to life when other things have taken precendence.

Best wishes for the new year

lady thinker said...

It's been good to meet you Casdok. And all the best wishes to you WW and RS for the new year.

Almost American said...

I am a member of a wonderful international online community - the BostonBBS at Several times we have had one of our online friends disappear and it has taken some time before we discovered what had happened to them.

Recently we have started to deliberately take more notice of when someone has not logged in for a while. Sometimes they have simply moved on in their lives, and sometimes they have in fact passed on. I called one such person, to be told by the person who answered the phone that she was very sick, but that if I left my email address someone would let me know how my friend was doing. It turned out she was dying, and just a couple of days later I received the sad news that she had passed on. I am glad that we got to know, rather than be left wondering. One member of our community was even able to make it to her funeral. I was stunned at how much the passing of someone I had never met in person affected me.

lady thinker said...

Thanks almost american - will have alook at that website.
It's amazing just how fond one can get of our fellow bloggers isn't it? It proves the power of the written word. On the page we are all equal but when one thinks of Rilly Super some are more equal than others!