Monday, 31 December 2007

MeMe 2007

As I was saying:

8 things I wish for 2008:
  1. Good health with no health scares for me, my spouse, my family and friends
  2. Improved fitness levels (I intend to return to walking more)
  3. A year free from anxiety and stress
  4. A year full of laughter and funfilled activities
  5. A year free from builders
  6. That the Govt improve the state pension in readiness for my claim in 2009
  7. The Govt bring in zero income tax and place all taxes on as a purchase tax
  8. That we in the SW are able to find out exactly how much our new unelected , secret SW Regional Assembley is costing us on our local Council Tax and why exactly we need yet another layer of beaurocracy.


Anonymous said...

Great wishes for the year! Are you completely done with the builders? That is a relief in itself! :)

Mark Wadsworth said...

LT, all good stuff, but in terms of impact on the economy, VAT or purchase, sales or turnover tax is far, far worse than income tax or corporation tax, see here.

merry weather said...

Those sound good wishes - mine are much the same, although I might be quite glad to see a builder in the kitchen actually :)