Monday, 31 December 2007

Last Meme for 2007

Mark Wadsworth posted me a tag a few days ago. I had to go and collect it from his place. It wasn't too onerous a task as I've been having a lazy few days. I wasn't sure what I had to do on this Meme and had to track back to Simon Clark to find out what it was all about. imagine then how exciting it was to find I was in some 'loose way' connected with Iain Dale's blog. I did try to track back via the links to confirm that I was only x links away from Iain's blog but didn't get beyond the Norfolk Blogger, Nich. This wasn't due to not having an interest in the blogs along the way - more that I'm in the middle of cooking a beef curry and have already had a few requests as to 'when exactly will it be ready?'.

Therefore the tag will have to wait until later.


Stinking Billy said...

Excuse me, but do I know you? Oh, yeah, I remember now, a red Rover car, right?

What's with all the name-dropping, Penny? And if these guys are so smart why don't they appear anywhere in the Bloggers Bible, erm, I mean Digest?

The only title I recognised in there was 'beef curry'. With boiled rice it's my favourite dish of all. Mrs Billy does a lovely one.

toby said...

I visited this Iain Dale character and gave him a piece of my mind! Heh heh!

And blamed you! Lolzzz!

Richard Madeley said...

I don't get it. Iain Dale? You've got a link on the Richard Madeley Appreciation Society blogroll! Why would a political hack rate higher than that?