Thursday, 6 March 2008

Gold Price's Soaring

The price of Gold is soaring and Gordon Brown has nothing in the bank to show for it.... HUH! No wonder all our taxes keep on going up and up...

I also cannot understand just how Tony Blair managed to get taken on as an adviser to J P Morgan. After all Tony Bliar sold his home in Islington just prior to a huge surge in property prices and then bought into property again at the top of the market just before a slump. Maybe J P Morgan is going to use him as a kind of reverse psychology pundit. Sound him out for his views and then take the opposite tack... even that could prove difficult what he believes one day will not necessarily be what he believes on another.

Update: 16:54
This last link on further exploration may or may not be part of BNP - I can't quite figure out if it is or not. However, it does strike a chord and I believe it illustrates just how far a great many of us, the 'general ordinary public', feel a real sense of disappointment and frustration over recent Govt decisions, particularly those made over the last 10-15 years.

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