Thursday, 13 March 2008

Counsellor or Councillor

No I'm not going to talk politics again. I saw in the local paper when they are talking about counselling they spelt it incorrectly. It had been missed in the proof reading. I assume this is another example of people relying on a PC spell check.

However, my point is that in the advert along with the usual claim to help with depression, anxiety, bereavement and relationship problems it mentions 'LGBTQ issues'. I have no idea what this could be so I don't know if I have trouble with LGBTQ issues or not. If anyone can enlighten me or even make a mad stab [please, no blush making over vulgar suggestions] I would be interested to hear your comments. I'll look it up tomorrow and see if I can come up with an answer. I have a few ideas but I end up stumped by the 'Q' - apart from a non PC term that is.

Update: 15th March - Mark Wasdsworth is correct. LGBTQ the 'Q' from this site stands for Queer or Questioning youth. I am a little surprised 'queer' is still used but maybe in the USA they are more relaxed than us in UK who fear to use a word that may cause offence.


Mark Wadsworth said...

It's a 'Lesbian Bisexual Trans Gender & Queer' helpline. For dyslexics.

lady thinker said...

Thanks Mark - I did think along the lines of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans & Queer' - I just think that 'Queer' is a word we're not supposed to use nowadays.