Thursday, 6 March 2008

Tags and Meme

    Way back when - so long ago now I expect she has forgotten all about it - teeni - tagged me to share 7 random or weird bits of information about myself with my readers/blurkers or virtual friends. Finally I have managed to put my mind to this engrossing task. Here are my confessional 7:

  1. I have no ankles. By that I mean although I have shapely [according to my husband] legs my ankles are pudgy and weak. I wish I had boney ankles with a taut visible Achilles tendons. I have to wear sensible shoes when all I crave are high heel scrappy strappy expensive things.
  2. My legs - shapely or not - take up more than half my height. I have a small squat body. I can't wear a dress I look far too funny with the waist up under my boobs - so tight around my ribs I can't breathe. I should have made my own dresses so that I could place the waist where it is rather than where dressmakers think it should be.
  3. I am by nature an optimist and look at the world through rose tinted specs; believing the best of everyone I meet. However, having a met a lot of people, I do keep a healthy scepticism.
  4. I will help anyone but will not allow anyone to 'take advantage'. I believe that God helps those who help themselves. I always try to see the best in people and make allowances for the fact that we all have our own selfish need to get through life the best way we can.
  5. I am an imaginative dreamer. I could lose hours in my own thoughts and day dreams - given the chance.
  6. I wish I had been a teacher. If we have a second life I will train to be a teacher - juniors 7 - 11 year olds - when they are full of curiosity and imagination.
  7. I am opinionated and could run the world far better than any politician - other than the lovely amusing , Boris Johnson that is.

Now for the meme, here are the rules:

Link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

Unfortunately as I am still suffering from/ recovering from this flu type bug along with nursing my husband through it too (He claims he feels far worse than I did/do!) I do not have time to tag 7 people. If you would like to pick up the challenge and do this meme then please pick up the flame and carry it forth proudly. But do let me know via a comment so that I can come over to your place to blurk a look.


teeni said...

Oh, these were a great read! My sister has the same type of legs as you - we call them t he family legs as my grandmother had them before her. Somehow I escaped. I so agree with you about giving but not allowing others to take advantage. I think you'd have made a great teacher. Hey maybe you are doing that now in your own way. I hope you and your hubby both feel better soon! Thanks for participating in the meme. :)

Casdok said...

Lovely meme! :)

Stinking Billy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kaylee2 said...

great read

feel better soon :)

rilly super said...

hi penny, I have been hearing about the rather ferocious weather down in the southwest so I hope all is well with you. I's pretty awful up here the other end of the country so I hope you remain unscathed. Best wishes from Rilly

lady thinker said...

How kind of you to check us out in the south west during these stormy days, Rilly dear. We survived the night and are now awaiting the afternoon bashing. I am thankful that I live far enough from the coast and on high ground to have no concern re flooding. As you can see we still have power - unlike 5000 in deepest Devon.

I watched the TV news this morning and see that Cornwall and Devon received very little mention because they were all getting very excitable with the winds starting to encroach on the South East.

Lets hope they have trees down and power losses too - just so they can experience a rural way of life for a change.

lady thinker said...

Hello teeni - I'll call them family legs from now on - thank you Casdok.
I loved your comment St Billy and was sorry to find you have deleted it.

Stinking Billy said...

I was so ashamed, baring my breast like that (I almost wrote 'like a woman'). ;-) I knew I had declined someone else's tag so looked up meme in my labels list (thanks again for that) hoping to hell I hadn't been such a wally then.

Not so, Thank the Lord, I had actually started a grudging response, but never got past my first 'weakness' which finished up as a post in itself. It was an admission to having twisted buttons off my clothing from being an infant.

Anyway, thanks, Penny, I am only pleased that we are still the best of friends. :-)

merry weather said...

I am sure they are very beautiful legs!! And if you had the attention of that clever guy, what's his name? - Gok? he would make you look a million dollars. That was a great meme LT. I like to see the best in people also. But I have no desire to take over the world. I'd vote for you though :)

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, come over and blurk a look at 'Playing Away', there's a good girl. ;-)

lady thinker said...

Hello Merryweather - Heaven forbid that I'd have to cope with GOK having a go at me - I'd die of embarrassment. When i'm canvassing I'll come knocking at your door for a vote ...

St Billy - we go back far too far for me to take offence - that's what blog friends are for to speak frankly and honestly to each other.

lady thinker said...

St Billy - I forgot to say - I'm on my way - I can never resist it when you call me a "good girl" - it makes me feel all Mae West like, 'come up and see me sometime!' x ;-)