Sunday, 13 April 2008

Chatty Bloggers Award

I would like to nominate the following for the chatty bloggers award:

I feel I would enjoy a cup of tea and a good chat with any of the above. There are others but when I've visited their blogs I see they already have won one.


Anonymous said...

Oh, WOW! Thank you so much! I can't think of a more appropriate award as I do consider myself quite chatty (as opposed to how quiet I used to be as a youngster)! And I would LOVE to share a cup of tea and chat with you any day! :) Thanks again - I love this award!! I'll post about it soon.

Almost American said...

Thank you Lady Thinker! As Teeni said, I would LOVE to share a cup of tea and chat with you any day! :)

Suffolkmum said...

Wow, thank you! I'm easily overcome and it all goes to my head! Lovely to come and visit and your site too, I'll be back, though I'm a bit sporadic with my blogging these days. I'd love the up of tea and chat too, count me in.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!!!
((big hugs))

I tried to post my thanks earlier but wordpress was acting!
I will enjoy being known as chatty(I sure

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, If I may just gatecrash the chatroom for a minute? I need to ask you whether the American (based) legacy of over £1m bestowed to Sidmouth was from an old flame of yours?

If so, the townspeople owe you a debt indeed, not just for the money but even more for the wonderful write-up it got from the media.

Stand by for floods of tourists this Summer, bringing in even more spondulicks - and kids - and dogs -and traffic jams. ;-) x

Anonymous said...

I posted about my award! Just wanted to let you know! :)

Kaylee said...


Maggie May said...

Sorry there is a desk top tag waiting for you over at my place!

lady thinker said...

teeni - I'll be over the atlantic to other side soon.

almost american - good to see you.

suffolkmum - i know - i not posting as much lately - 'real actual' life seems to have taken a good deal of my time lately.

merri - good to see you again.

St Billy - you're always welcome to gate crash. I know, the SidVale Association have benefitted very well from a kind generous man. It was a shame he didn't get to spend his money himself - travelling the world on his £m+ retirment fund. It was nteresting that he'd travelled the world but chose to end his days in Sidmouth.

No old flame - alas - if he had known me he wouldn't have died a rich man - there's nothing like a spot of retail therapy to cheer a gal up.

lady thinker said...

Maggi - I'll be over to visit asap.

Almost American said...

Finally got around to posting my award. Thanks again!