Saturday, 12 April 2008

I Am Revolting

I am revolting - and I wish more people would sign up for an apathy bypass and join the revolt wagon.

Today I wish to join the revolt against Tesco. The best news I've heard all day is about Dot Reid a 58 year old from Liverpool who is trying to save her home from yet another Tesco store. She wants the Tesco's boss Sir Terry Leahy to have a taste of his own medicine. She has submitted a planning application to Hertfordshire to demolish his mansion to provide a community garden, with water feature and a kiosk for pensioners.

I just hope thousands of people will write in to support her planning application. Just think of the thousands of jobs it will provide as tourists would flock to the area just to enjoy the community gardens ...

If you would like to let the council planning dept know what you think of this planning application all the details can be found here.

Remember Power to the PEOPLE

Tesco doesn't seem very popular does it - here are a few varied views of the Tesco juggernaut: -


Anonymous said...

How very appropriate what she is doing! If I lived there, I'd definitely support her planning application! Serve them right!

merry weather said...

That is a great post title! Very eye-catching, good lord I thought.

Clicking through your links, I read that people power stopped a new site on Tolworth Broadway. I know that place by the A3 well - it is hugely busy already and well served with shops.

These supermarkets are handy but impersonal basically. I agree with you - communities also need beauty spots and places of interest to congregate and relax.

Milla said...

I know, glorious isn't it! Good for her.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I quite like shopping at Tesco. All-in-all it's the best supermarket.