Monday, 28 April 2008

Just Good Friends

What a lovely surprise. I popped in to check on emails, my bank balance, update anti- virus and firewall and then a fast sneaky look at the blog world.

I popped in on Merrydaze and then over to Stinking Billy. And what do I find? Why I find that St Billy left his word processor to go out to meet up with another woman. Crystal and he have had a meeting - well a cuddle to be precise. I rushed over to Crystal's Palace and find the meeting included a photo shoot.


teeni said...

Do I sense a bit of jealousy? LOL. It looks like they had a nice meeting. I hope you will get to post about some of those yourself soon too. I love seeing blog buddies get to meet up. What fun!

I am at my new blog now and don't know how to put my address here for you so I'll just type it - it's I don't want to lose any of my buddies!

merry weather said...

I am hoping to meet you LT, one fine day... :)

I am sure you're not at all bossy in real life! Eek! (runs off chuckling)

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

I know, just discovered this meeting today too - and the photo. I must say that they are both looking pretty good though, aren't they? M :-)

Stinking Billy said...

You girls are easily pleased, is all I can say. Then, I took teeni's address to the Internet and found myself in a 'crystal maze'. No wonder you can't link or embed, teeni. (shh...but Penny is a genius at that sort of thing)

Ooh, Penny, this is your place, isn't it? Sorry! ;-)