Monday, 27 October 2008

Lies, Statistics and Vital Statistics

Lies, Damned Lies and Vital Statistics ....
I've not had chance to do much blogging lately. I have been busy. Some busy in a good [enjoyable constructive way] way and some not so good [which I wont go into here].

But the one thing I've not been able to avoid is the statistic report sent in by email from SiteMeter each week. I'm surprised how many people still call in. If you are one of my regular visitors then thank you for not giving up on me. I appreciate it.

I'm amused that I pick up a great many first time visitors from search engines. A few of them pause long enough to read something. Some are out of here in a nano second. It amuses me even more when people fall in here via a spelling error or homophone. I'm beginning to think I should use a great deal more homophones in post titles.


Stinking Billy said...

penny, darling, your sitemeter will probably show that I spent about 15 minutes exploring your two links to homophones in vain.

The first reminded me of the old cards game of 'Patience' and, unfortunately, that was the first thing to go in my dotage, neither memory for names nor parallel parking, but patience. Sorry, ;-)

I could find no referemce to your use of 'homophones' (or whatever) in your blog titles, via your second link, at all? It doesn't matter, though, Ursula, I still love you! xxx

ladythinker said...

Dearest St Billy, just please stop calling me Ursula! My best friends call me Penny. The 2nd link is the spelling of Waste/not waist in the title.
I've now just gone back to my earlier post of today and added the 's' to Brief - I thought that might collect me a few more visitors!

ChickPea said...

Some of us find you by recommendation - and how glad I am that they did ! I enjoy your perspective and gentle reflection. More here to read than the clock will currently allow, son I shall be back.
Thank you for your visit - I might not have found this one too !

ChickPea said...

? 'Son' ...... no..... 'so' (sorry !)

ladythinker said...

Chickpea - how lovely to see you in here too .. Next time I'll put the kettle on - merryweather was only recently taking me to task for not doling out tea .. .
Don't worry typos are allowed - it proves we're not robots ..