Saturday, 1 November 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane . . .

I took a short trip down Memory Lane a few weeks ago. A weekend away on a return to Gloucestershire for a Social Services reunion.

I took some time out to explore the area where we lived for 25 years. Not much had changed. The countryside around the 5 valleys is still very beautiful. With large expanses of sky. Steep hills. Narrow lanes. Deep valleys. Acres of common land.

Very few speed cameras. Very few signs warning 'Beware Bend'. If you do see such a sign in Glos County then you know you need to slow down - it's just as likely to be a sharp right/left hand turn rather than a slow gentle curve in the road. It seems to me that Highways in Glos County expect drivers to take care and use their own discretion rather than exhorting them to do this/that every few yards. Driving became a pleasure again with less of the distracting driver commands so often seen in Devon.

The standard of driving in Gloucestershire is still very high. With so many extremely narrow and awkward roads to traverse drivers have to constantly think ahead. And remain aware that cattle or horses can roam many of the highways.

It was also very apparant how very friendly and helpful the local people are. The number of people who wandered over to offer help if we appeared to be looking for something. As I paused to compare the present day scene with my memory I was often asked if I was looking for somewhere. Unlike in east Devon where the locals do nothing but grumble about the number of 'grockles' .


merry weather said...

Slad Valley, Stroud, Minchinhampton - Lady T - wherever I settle you've been there before me. We are inextricably linked methinks! Beautiful countryside, and a lovely series of posts.

I seem to have been here all afternoon, is there any tea??

I'm not so convinced on the merits of fewer signs btw, speaking as one whose brothers and friends have sojourned in many ditches thereabouts. Mind you, would a sign have slowed them down? I doubt it!


ladythinker said...

Merryw - don't tell me you been resident in Glos county too? this is spooky - but it must show we both have excellent taste ;-)

Well if I'm to make tea I can see I'll have to bake a cake too! 8-) x

merry weather said...

Cake!! I'm on my way!!


ladythinker said...

Well, there's lemon drizzle or cherry almond or fruit ...