Tuesday, 11 November 2008

PC Separation

I have PC separation issues. No, I'm not talking about politically correct form of divorce but that I am having trouble accessing my PC. For those of you who read my other blog you'll know that I've recently changed bedrooms. My husband is now in my fomer bedroom. With my computer. I am having trouble accessing it when I have 'spare time' for blogging.

In between my household chores, bridge lessons, bridge homework, getting fresh air and exercise I used to grab spare moments to blog. I'd blog late into the night, early morning or, during my periodic luntatic spells when insomnia strikes, in the middle of the night.

It is not quite so easy now. Any spare time for blogging often coincides with my man's rest or sleep times. I have been puzzling over finding another nook or cranny into which I can move my PC desk. I've now identified a spot where, with a few moves of other items of furniture, I can make a new corner my PC's hot desk slot. It has the disadvantage that anyone calling at the front door will see me typing away. I will no longer be able to pretend I am up the back of the garden, far away from the sound of the doorbell. Never mind. At least I'll be able to sneak out during sleepless nights and type away to my hearts content.

All that I'm waiting for now is a strong pair of hands, some muscle and someone willing to carry that from here to there; then move that from there to here and then my PC desk can be wheeled into that gap there ... EASY. I let you know when it's done..


Maggie May said...

Two difficult choices...... being in the way of the sleeping man or in full view of the possibly unwanted callers.
You will no doubt find the best place when you get the manpower to move everything. Good luck with it.

ChickPea said...

Hope re-locating PC proves more straightforward and easier to accomplish than it sounds...... and that the new position works for you. I don't suppose curtains would help......or maybe you'll suddenly discover Somewhere Else just waiting and ready for PC, hidden from The World and Exclusively For You. I'll keep my fingers crossed...... (so let us know when PC has moved - writing job applications and doing the washingup has just got 10x more difficult !). x .

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, you know that if only I lived a couple of miles closer to you, I would be there like a shot. x

Stinking Billy said...
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Stinking Billy said...

P.S. Made a mess of that one, sorry! Just want to thank you for declaring yourself a reader at my blogsite, photo or no photo. ;-) I would return the compliment if I knew how, but it looks technical, and you know me. x

Chris at 'Chrissie's Kitchen' said...

Hello my dear Lady Thinker.
Just thought I too would keep in touch.
Your (quite a lot) earlier communication was lovely to receive. Sorry for the absence but thought you may like to know that I've morphed from Lizzie into Chrissie - (Hmm..)You can find me on www.chrissieskitchen.co.uk - or http/chrissieskitchen.blogspot.com (an occasional as & when blog)

Kitchen is finished & cookery school up & running. Would love to hear your news.
LOL Chrissie - aka Lizzie

Anonymous said...

I hope that you found the strong pair of hands(and back) to help you move the computer!

ladythinker said...

Thanks for all leaving a comment. I'm still grabbing blogging times from my spouse's bedroom as still not been able to move any furntiure, I may have to pay for a couple of removal lads for half hours work.

merry weather said...

Now that I'm strong again LT, I am at your service, just say "Cake" and I'll be there!