Thursday, 28 August 2008

Good Reasons to Have Children

As I get older I often wish we had children. Grown adult children. Strapping boys able to help their old folk out with the tasks that are now too heavy for old muscles. I said this to my sister when she told me her youngest was cutting the grass. While she cleaned the back of the fridge that he'd just hauled out of it's slot in the kitchen. She told me it's "cheaper to hire in 2 young Polish men" when needed. I'm sure that if I'd had sons I would have loved them - regardless of the expense.

Knowing my luck we would probably have bred girls.


Which wouldn't have necessarily been a bad thing.


Mark Wadsworth said...

You meanie! I had three boys first, but then I had a girl and she is The Coolest of the lot.

marymaryquitecontrary said...

"bred Girls"! Girls are wonderful! I have three children one boy,who I love very much and two girls,whom I love equally. Girls,however always stay close to family;we go shopping together,go out for coffee and talk about girlie things. I now have three great little grand-daughters.

ladythinker said...

After dinner and a glass of wine - I had second thoughts. ;-)

Nice to see you both. Mark I didn't realise 3 boys then a girl lovely - sounds as if she has you wrapped around her little pinky. Congrats.

merry weather said...

Tell you what, you can have mine! Name the day...

I look at that picture and I see strength, determination and stamina.

And a return to form :) Thanks for the award, hope all's well!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hello Lady Thinker...hope those domestic problems have ironed themselves out. I think we are very lucky we have one girl and one boy. We adore them both. Yes we are wrapped around their fingers. Very nice feeling that is too (well, at least, most of the time!)