Sunday, 30 November 2008


I can see why sleep deprivation is used as an instrument of torture. After a few sleepless nights my mind is woolly and I ache from head to toe. I have enjoyed 3 blissful nights of gentle deep sleep. So this morning I thought I'd have the energy to go out bird watching along the river Otter.

I had the energy I just didn't realise how freezing cold it would be. I had put on enough layers to make me waddle like a Michelin woman. But the cold wind attacked my head [I know, I forgot a woolly hat], my gloved hands and my feet. Over the last 9 years winters have been so mild I'd forgotten just how cold it can get. I didn't see any birds other than gulls and mallard. I could well have missed some interesting sights but my eyes were watering so much I gave up. I went instead for coffee in Otterton Mill; re-opened following the recent floods.

While leaving I saw a very fat ginger cat which welcomed having a big fuss from me - I am still feeling very cat deprived. This picture is from an artist's website. Why not pop over and take a look. There are some impressive originals.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Winters are getting colder, aren't they? I'm glad it's not just me saying this.

ladythinker said...

I know Mark, whatever happened to global warming?? Is that in recession too? I take it you're not a football fan glued to the TV this afternoon?