Sunday, 30 November 2008

More Moving Tales

MyMan has started to realise that I could be right. There are not many places around in east Devon where he is willing to move to. All the places we would enjoy living are hilly. We have lived on one hill or another for 35 years. He's not the only one to experience problems hill climbing. I'm OK walking up hill but have to go at a much slower pace than i used to. But my poor feet and ankles object to walking down steep hills. There is no way I would, or could, carry shopping uphill. We'd both love to move to a rural house again. But the recent health scares here with MyMan, and of friends problems, leads me to value the convenience of semi rural life.

We could explore other counties. But it takes a good 2 years to settle in a new environment. I don't think I could take the added stress of settling into a strange county, town or village. If we are to leave the area where we now live, then I still want to return to looking for a place to live in this district , near my family.

MyMan still is not keen. The video I'd made of a possible location with a small but convenient house on the market he thought looked 'too quiet'. He didn't think there would be much going on there! He wasn't keen on having a children's play area in the grounds as it 'would be too noisy'. It was green, full of trees, on the level, a short walk to the nearest village and close to transport links.

My sister thought if we lived there I would turn into a Stepford Wife. A nephew liked it and likened it to Legoland. I thought it neat, tidy and liked the idea of friendly community neighbourliness.


merry weather said...

Well, you can guess what I think! Great idea!

Close to London and all its suburbs, yet tucked comfortably into the countryside, a nice little town, everything in walking distance - perfect. I know it quite well..

Quietly crossing my fingers that you'll persuade him in the end :-)

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, I wish you luck in selling the house you now own. Everything after that will be a doddle. xx

ladythinker said...

Thank you both . 8-)

ChickPea said...

Sounds like an excellent idea to me - and perhaps sooner, while you can both get out and about to establish links....... my parents procrastinated for too long. They had always dreamed of a small retirement home near the sea, but then were scared to make the dream come true. And then it was too late.
I wish you both all hope, joy and courage for now and your future.

sexy said...
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Anonymous said...
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