Thursday, 4 December 2008

Wildlife in Winter

Wildlife in our winter garden is missing one thing. A hedgehog. I love them. It's only recently that I read that hedgehogs are not found in the same area as badgers. I was told that badgers eat hedgehogs. I'm not sure if this is fact or not. I suspect more that they are in competition for food. As badgers always follow the same route every night then maybe some hedgehogs visit my neighbours' badger free gardens. I have slugs a plenty in my garden so could happily harbour a family of hedgehogs. The badger is continuing to look fat and well fed. It's a pity he doesn't fall into one of the holes he dug in the lawn over the summer.

Update: 6th December
Cleaning up fallen leaves, a bucketful of smelly stagnant water and pond weed today I found a huge common frog sitting on the edge of the bucket peering up at me. My sister gave me the pond weed when I last visited. I was hoping to dig a pond during the autumn but just not had the time or the muscle for such a task. I'm wondering whether the frog travelled all the way home from Croydon to Worthing to Devon. If it did I'm glad it didn't surface during my drive home.


Around My Kitchen Table said...

I love hedgehogs. We have one that is a regular visitor, although I haven't seen him lately. I hope he's OK as I presume it's a bit early to hibernate. I think they're attracted by all the slugs in my garden - as I'm not the best gardener in the world!

ladythinker said...

Hello AMKT - best gardener or not slugs are hard to eradicate - especially after such a wet summer and if like me you worry about putting slug pellets down for fear of harming other creatures.